A2 Collective - Group exhibitions
Graphic design, exhibiting, organisation & marketing

Collab: Iris van der Heijden & Pablo Hannon
Funding: Stichting Euregio Maas-Rijn
Sponsoring: Drukkerij Cortjens & Foto Rembrandt Maastricht
Due to the lack of possibilities for young artists to exhibit work in the city of Maastricht, together with two friends we initiated “A2 Collective”. We organised several group exhibitions, accessible to both young, starting artists and more experienced ones. In an empty store space, with minimal funds, we were able to create a place where young artists could gain some experience and exposure. This way we could expose our own work while also helping other artists and adding something to the art-scene of Maastricht. 

Poster exhibition “The Night”
  Group exhibitions “The Night” and “Automat”